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Latest Reviews

Air Arms S510 Superlite Hunter Carbine
"As I was writing this review on my property in view of the appletree 20 yards past where I was sat sipping a coke and wandering what to right after the pro's and cons who should show up but Mr Squirrel.... so lets just talk about this encounter to sum up the rifle. As mentioned above I have an apple tree on my property, one I hope that will provide the bulk of my cider this year as last year the squirrels had got to it first, this year though I have been on the war path. After taking 4..."
BSA Ultra SE
Alex Brown
"A fantastic little carbine, from out of the box it was firing very nicely. Matched it too JSB Exacts in 4.53mm after trying a load of different pellets. With these it has averaged out at around 11.45 ftlbs and 5 shot groupings at 35m around the size of a 5p with many being smaller. Cant fault it."
Hatsan AT44-10
"nice rifle apart from the stock"
Crosman Ratcatcher (2250)
"A good fun gun short range pest control"
Weihrauch HW 77
" I had been avoiding .177 since returning to shooting. I even went as far as getting a .20 purely so I wouldn’t need a .177. There’s nothing sinister here or any particular hard-line philosophy. The small calibre has never really appealed to me and I’m also less than convinced on its ability to kill quarry cleanly. Yes I know lots of people use it to great effect but here’s the thing. Last year, I shot a squirrel with my .22 95. At the critical moment the critter moved and pellet’s impact moved from a high chest shot, taking out..."
Air Arms Diabolo Field
"I have like many shooters have tried lots of different pellets in my rifles. I have two rifles at the moment, an SMK under lever which is an amazing rifle, and a 22 Weihrauch 100 T, my favourite rifle ever! I have tried SMK pellets in the 22 SMK simply because they came free with the rifle. They performed quite well but on the advice of other shooters I gave Arms Diablo field a try. I must say that the improvement in accuracy was impressive. I started to group shots in a pound coin size group..."
FX Three Stage Hand Pump
"I have been thinking about buying a PCP Rifle for a year or two, and of course had to consider the Dive bottle verses pump dilemma. The pump won for various reasons which I won’t go into. So the next question was which pump? To be honest, the shop that I bought my Weihrauch 100 T from only had one make of pump, and that was FX from Sweden. I had looked at various pumps online and FX always seemed a good option, so as that was the only pump for sale and had a good reputation, that's the one..."
Impact RM 200
" I write, Jan 2016, there has been no sight nor sound of the RM200, no matter how hard I've looked on the internet........................."