Evanix Rainstorm Bullpup

Evanix Rainstorm Bullpup

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Product Info

Rainstorm Bullpup


Action Type
Magazine Capacity
  • 10 pellets / .25
  • 11 pellets / .22
  • 13 pellets / .177
  • 7 pellets / 9mm
Air Cylinder
Not Removable
Air Capacity
Fill Pressure
Max 200 bar (2901 psi)
Pre Regulated
Trigger Type
Two Stage Adjustable

Evanix Rainstorm Bullpup Pre-charged pneumatic, Shrouded barrel, Sidelever cocking, Ambidextrous metal stock, 2-stage adjustable trigger, Built-in manometer (air pressure gauge), Manual safety, Weaver optics rail (no open sights).


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  • Evanix Rainstorm 3D User Manual
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(Updated: March 05, 2014)
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Swift Shot


This gun pushes ugly so far that it becomes beautiful; perhaps there is a parallel in the Apache attack helicopter. We added a fore grip and a silencer. The silencer makes the gun longer - obviously, and therefore negates any advantage conferred by the shortness of the bull pup design. We like it and believe that it enhances its looks.

Ease Of Use

It is fast in the bring up to the eye. You may need to put the sights you use on a taller set of mounts - in order to ensure comfort.

We tried it with a bipod, but this just added weight and made the Rainstorm feel cumbersome, so we dropped that. The vertical fore grip really does help the shooter hug the gun into their shoulder. It comes with an angled grip and this is OK on its own. My recommendation is to play with a vertical one.


This is the only area for attention. Compared to the Evanix Sniper, it is agricultural by comparison. It also looks and feels large. There also seems to be some play, some looseness, left and right. It may be that I am useless at adjustment and with a bit more confidence I might be able to fix it. However, my initial feeling is that there is an opportunity for an after market up grade on this.

The rest of the build quality is exemplary. I guess that is why the trigger seems so incongruous by comparison.


It is a fun gun and easy to use. If you like the way it looks, you will not be disappointed by the way it shoots. It shoots very well indeed.

Quick targeting
Trigger needs attention
evanix rainstorm
evanic rainstorm 3d
evanix rainstorm 3d
evanix rainstorm 3d air rifle bullpup
evanix rainstorm 3d bullpup design
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Rainstorm in a teacup!

OK, you shoot and you hunt, you like wood pigeon, you like roost shooting, but you get fed up with the constant battle of gun barrel versus branches and the pigeons seeing the muzzle poking through and giving full flaps on vertical take off.
You wish you could lose the barrel of your gun. You still want a 2 stage trigger, nice magazine fed action, well can I introduce to you the Evanix Rain Storm?

OK so it looks like something an Imperial Storm Trooper would be clutching. But appearances can be deceptive!

Who are Evanix?

Evanix are a well established air rifle manufacturer in Korea. Due to legislation Koreans find it very hard to get powder burning weapons (harder than the UK), so air rifles are extremely popular. There is a large market and Evanix is one of the, if not the, major supplier. They have already been supplying the UK for a number of years, Webleys Sidewinder and Cobra were Evanix, as were Prestige and Armex. Some people (me included) still have a Venom Sidewinder in the collection and can vouch for their accuracy. The Evanix made barrels have always had a good reputation for accuracy and at least one European gun maker has trialled them in their guns!

OK so what do I get?

A plain brown box with a serial number will confront you. Opening it up will reveal a layer of foam, peel that back and the gun is laying there, waiting to be discovered, along with the instruction manual and a red bubble pack bag containing the magazine and filler probe.

Filling the gun. I had a little problem, air escaping round the thread of the probe where it attaches to the fill line. Some filling probes suffer from this and the answer is a Dowty seal! Fill to 200 bar.


In the west midlands there is a man who was R&D at both Logun and then Webley, Simon Atkins. He has known the Evanix mechanism or a long time and worked with A C Guns and Evanix to enhance the mechanism. This means a good shot count, flat power curve and reliability. The magazines are very different to the Sidewinder/Cobra, being more like a Super Ten than the HW 100 style of old, I would not say it is an improvement as the old magazines were very easy to load and these can be a bit fiddly. Also there is more to go wrong with these type of magazines, how it performs in the long run will be interesting. The magazine can be slid in from either side and locates securely.

The gun has a fully shrouded barrel, now usually these are about as effective at sound reduction as an echo chamber, but this one actually ruddy well works! Dry firing will give a loud crack, but, like the Vortex silencer on a Rapid 7, shove a pellet in and silence rains, all you will hear is the chink of the mechanism firing!

The sidelever is smooth, no graunching or grinding. I am feeding mine Defiant Ogive 4.52mm and it loves those. Crosman Premier Ultra Magnums are an A C gun recommended pellet. The pellet needs to have a flat back or it can mis feed! I found no problem with the Ogive and will be sticking to that!


There is a 2 stage trigger fitted and you can feel it. However due to the nature of the mechanism, the trigger feels "wooden". Something you get with some bullpups and you soon get used to it. No creep, just a slightly dead feel to it compared to the normal Evanix trigger!


This is a very accurate rifle. I was getting a cloverleaf grouping at 30 metres on the second magazine (the first magazine was used to zero the scope in).


Running at 11.5 ft lb.

Shot Count.

I have not shot a full string down from full to empty as Ogives are not cheap pellets. However the reported shot count is over 120 per fill (for .177 and that has been reduced from what was actually achieved by A C Guns).


It handles, it may feel odd at first but the barrel being over the action means that it handles exceptionally well, especially in woodland. A few shooters will be concerned about scope height (some 3.25 inches over the barrel), do not be, it seems to work ok! Putting the gun to your shoulder is weird at first as feet of weaponry seems to have vanished. Balance is surprisingly neutral and they have put a cheek pad in to stop frostbite in January!


Now the gun is £680 plus delivery to RFD near you or collect from A C Guns.

Compact size, accurate, great balance, superb shot count.
Slightly wooden trigger.
evanix rainstorm 3d airgun review
evanix rainstorm 3d review
evanix rainstorm 3d airgun review
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